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Custom Designs in Concrete

If there was no one to push the envelope on the everyday things, the most boring things in our lives would be the very things where we spend most of our time: our homes.

With this thought in mind I learned to create artworks in concrete that would change the way that people look at the muddy, gray substance that we usually try to hide under a home, and instead bring custom designs in concrete into the very center of our life and work.


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As an interior designer, I have worked with Ron for over a decade. A wide array of colors and his unique finishes allow me the freedom to incorporate his beautiful countertops, sinks, and specialty pieces into any design aesthetic. Ron has incredible attention to detail and his work truly stands out.

- Stephanie L, Boerne


About Me

I am dedicated to never thinking of concrete as a boring, gray sludge, but rather as a medium for expression, using esoteric materials and substances to create truly unusual designs. If you want people to come into your home and be amazed at the artistry possible with concrete then contact me and we can make it happen.